Limit your kids' computer time

Parental control software for Windows that lets you choose when and for how long your kids use the computer.

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Why parents love TimesUpKidz...

"Our son was on the computer for hours and was argumentative when it was time to get off. With TimesUpKidz, he has become the child we once knew."
– Debbie C., Johnson City, TN

"I no longer have to police my daughter about her computer time. Amazing yet simple software."
- Craig B., United Kingdom

"It makes my job as a mom so much easier."
– Sandra K., East Bethel, MN

"It eliminates all the arguments."
– Jim W., Frazeysburg, Ohio

"My husband and I love how simple it is to install and set up."
– Virginia M., Ontario, Canada

Do your kids...

  • Waste hours on the Internet, or play computer games all day?
  • Argue when you ask them to do something else?
  • Struggle with siblings about sharing the computer?

With TimesUpKidz you can...

Limit the time spent on the Internet and computer games
Set time-of-day and duration limits appropriate for each child.

Help your kids develop other interests
They’ll spend more time reading, playing outside, and interacting with friends.

Reduce parental stress and power struggles
Give up your job as the family "time cop." Let TimesUpKidz give the "5 minutes left" reminders and force your child off the computer when time runs out.

Eliminate sibling arguments about sharing the computer
TimesUpKidz helps kids take turns.

Be a consistent parent, but flexible when necessary
Add time for sick days, vacation, and homework. Reduce computer time or block it entirely until chores are done.

Incredibly easy-to-use
TimesUpKidz isn't cluttered with features you won't need. You'll have it up-and-running in about 10 minutes.