Time limits

  • Minutes per day/week
  • Maximum time per sitting with required breaks
  • Curfew; block specific hours of the day
  • Separate weekday and weekend rules
  • Different rules for each child

Make exceptions

  • Add time for holidays or if your child is doing a worthwhile activity
  • Remove time or block all usage until responsibilities are met
  • Normal limits automatically resume the next day


  • Audible "5 minutes left" messages
  • Visual pop-up notifications

Kids can't defeat it

  • Password protected
  • Utilizes the security in Microsoft Windows

What it can't do

  • Block specific web sites; I use OpenDNS Family Shield for blocking most porn, and it's free
  • Aggregate time across multiple computers. TimesUpKidz works best when each child is assigned to a specific computer.
  • Enforce limits on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, xBox, and other devices. It only works on Microsoft Windows.
  • Remote control; you need to be sitting in front of the computer the child is using to modify time limits.
"Simple to understand, set up, and make exceptions. Has just what I need, and no more — no unneeded layers of complication. I think it could finally be the thing that makes the difference for us."
K. Madden
"Since the very first day the "Computer Gestapo" came online my two boys honored the new limits. Your software works perfectly. I am able to pry them off the gaming sooner without a fight."
M. Chizmar
"The software loaded up without a glitch. I love how you can load different settings for the whole family. I thought the kids would hate it but they actually like it. They can't sneak extra time and it per warns them so it's not a big blow when their time is up."
Greg B.