It's good for your kids

Kids need limits and consistent rules. Prevent computer addiction and social isolation. Allow more time for reading, playing outside, and being with friends.

Stop being a "time cop"

You won't have to monitor your kids computer time, give them endless 5-minutes warnings, or nag them when time has run out. Relief!

Siblings won't argue about sharing the computer

Time limits prevent any one child from monopolizing the computer. To ensure your kids take short turns, you can limit time-at-one-sitting. Or assign specific times of day for each child.


TimesUpKidz is dead-simple and effective. The software isn't cluttered with features you won't need. TimesUpKidz is designed like a web site, with clean and simple pages and single-click navigation. No complicated dialogs and menus.It only takes a few minutes to set up.

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